Ours is a farm that deals with the entire agro-food chain, from the cultivation of fodder, fruit and vegetables, to the breeding of pigs, horses, sheep and goats, as well as natural beekeeping. At local level we market all our production, while we have organized ourselves to deliver products destined to be consumed in medium-long times outside Sardinia, such as oil, honey and its derivatives, jams, cheeses.


Favorable environment and climate allow us to perform three to five honey extraction per year.

Depending on the season and the different blooms, it is possible to obtain two types of honey. The monofloral honeys (which come mainly from the nectar of a single species) such as those of asphodel, wild thistle and eucalyptus. And the multifloral ones, commonly called “millefiori”, in which it is not detectable the prevalent presence of a single nectar.

Honey is available in 500 grams and one kilogram glass jars. For professional customers, such as patisseries, 25 kg cans are available on request.

EV Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil obtained through the TRADITIONAL METHOD exclusively with olives harvested in Sardinia: 100% ITALIAN from olive trees grown organically.

Superior category oil obtained directly from olives and solely through mechanical processes.

NO addition of additives.


Vines most common in Sardinia, a powerful red like Cannonau and a refined white like Vermentino, as well as a gem like Moscato di Cagliari, with an intense and sweet aroma.

In preparation other local vines such as Carignano del Sulcis, Nasco, Nuragus.

All wines with Denomination of Controlled Origin (D.O.C)

We wanted to give the names of our lands and vineyards to the wines.


From sheep and goat farms, bred in the wild, we obtain milk daily for the production of typical Sardinian cheeses, such as pecorino, goats, caciotta and ricotta.

Even our goats are raised organically and fed with organic fodder grown on our land, with full control of the entire supply chain.