Who we are

Pristine territories, centuries-old traditions, natural methods and, unquestionably, products of the highest elegance and quality. In our company we combine know-how with the love of products and the land of Sardinia, with a wise use of technology and a great respect for the territory. We are farmers and we live on the fruits of our work: the worker uses his hands, the craftsman also puts his brain into it, the artist adds his heart, the farmer needs all this, but also luck.

Ours is a young company, born from the passion of some friends for Sardinia and for the common dream of creating a farm that could manage itself with the principles of the past: crops that respect nature and with a low impact of CO2, cereals and organic olive groves, research of indigenous species in breeding, such as the Sardinian donkey and the Sardinian cow, organic beekeeping, all coordinated by expert agronomists, our direct collaborators in the search for new agricultural solutions, as low as possible environmental impact, to create products processed directly in the company, with cutting-edge techniques, to keep the flavors of the past intact.

By collaborating with other well-established companies in the Sulcis area, we are reviving land left uncultivated for fifteen years and which have therefore benefited from a long rest, are intact and fertile. To give greater development to our activities we have set up a network of companies that ideally connects this corner of Sardinia with other agricultural and distributive realities of Lake Como.

A contamination of territories that is found in our logo, in which we wanted to ideally merge Lake Como and Sardinia, and in our name, “Antigu Medau”, the “old cottage”.

Our project